Changing your living situation is a big step. Whether it's because you're moving away, want to upsize,

want to downsize, or are looking to change neighbourhoods, I can be there to help navigate the process.


Why Hire a REALTOR®?

A REALTOR ® is more than just a real estate agent. They are members of a professional board that require them to abide by additional rules and a Code of Ethics that give further protection to the consumer. Being a member also gives them access to the Multiple Listing Service ® of that board, an invaluable tool that your REALTOR ® can use to connect your listed property effectively to other agents and members. 

Selling your home takes a lot of coordination. From scheduling appointments to marketing strategies, the benefits of having a professional working for you can be seen immediately. A REALTOR ® can also provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis which describes the monetary value of your house in the current market making sure it is priced appropriately.

Once an interested party submits an offer, a REALTOR ® can help you negotiate in your favour to make sure you are getting the best deal for your home, as well as coordinating all of the paper work involved.


Each REALTOR® may offer different services, so ask beforehand which services they would provide for you should you hire them.


Tips for Selling

1. When the thought of moving first crosses your mind, start working on the minor cosmetic repairs your home may need. Having the house de-cluttered, repainted, or that leaky drain and flickering light fixed will go a long way to how attractive it will be to a potential buyer.
2. Talk to a financial advisor or mortgage specialist. This can help you understand how much is remaining on your mortgage, and whether you can port it or have to pay an prepayment penalty once you sell.

3. Talk in depth with each REALTOR® you are thinking of hiring before you make a decision. Ask them what services they provide in selling your home.

 Have more questions about selling your home? Give me a call and I will provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis!